1.) The HYPR fleet contains some of the most desirable cars in London, therefore to ensure you can get a ride, try booking in advance particularly ahead of our most popular times.


2.) HYPR operates in central London, as a result there is often traffic. Therefore, when choosing a pickup location, try and pick areas that are easy for the driver to get to. In addition, communicate with your driver when possible and try to walk to the car if it is close (you can see the live location of your car within the app).


3.) Planning your journey in advance helps us to give you the fairest price and ensures you the best service. If for some reason you need to extend your ride or go to another destination, that’s not a problem.

However, please be aware that any change to the original destination that requires a longer distance then you will be charged an extra fee for every minute over the original journey time.


4.) Due to us operating in Central London, it may take us longer than expected to get to you. Therefore, when booking a car we suggest choosing the closest car to you (which will be suggested to you as standard).

However, we understand that we all have favourite cars therefore if you have a specific car in mind but the car will take longer to get to you than the journey you are going to be taking, then you will have to pay the difference in time for a fee.


5.) Our ‘Pre-Booking’ feature allows you to request a car for a specific date and time in the future. We advise doing this ahead of peak times or events when the ‘Summon’ service will be at its busiest.

If you are trying to ‘Pre-Book’ a car in the very near future, we advise booking at least 2 hours in advance to ensure that the driver has no conflicting rides and can reach you on time. Any pre-booking made inside that 2 hour window may not be accepted.


6.) If you are nearing the end of your ride but would like to keep going, please use our ‘Update Journey’ feature where the destination can be changed mid-ride to either fit-in with your new plans or simply continue the experience.

If you would like to rebook the same car immediately after a completed ride, then you can but please communicate this with your driver to ensure they are available as they may have an upcoming pre-booking that means they will be unable for another summon immediately.


7.) We encourage customers to be at the agreed pickup location at the agreed time. If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will be charged a penalty fee for every additional minute over the agreed time.

To avoid this, please communicate with the driver via the app messaging system to ensure they know where you are and when you will arrive. We encourage our drivers to assist clients with genuine situation changes at all times.


8.) We strongly encourage our users to contact the driver if you are running late, but also to decide on exactly where to meet. For example, some buildings have multiple pick-up points, or you may wish to be collected on a quieter street. If so, communicate clearly with your driver to ensure that they are aware of the exact spot at which to meet you.


9.) Before confirming either your ‘Summon’ or ‘Pre-Booking’ request, we advise you to double check your request details to avoid hindering your plans, or incurring unwanted cancellation charges.

Please double check the car you are requesting is the one desired and that the pick-up location and final destination are correct. If you are using the ‘Pre-Booking’ service, please also ensure that the date and time are correct.


10.) Once you have requested a ‘Summon’ or a ‘Pre-Booking’ and the driver has accepted, there is a 2 minute window in which the ride can be cancelled without charge.

After that grace period has elapsed, you will be charged a cancellation fee. Our drivers are encouraged to accept as many bookings as they can within a certain time window so please ensure requests are double checked before submission.