We offer a variety of unique vehicles synonymous with pop culture available for hire as a passenger via our mobile app. Access to the app and vehicles is limited via membership.


Prospective customers must go to our website and apply. We then review applications before approving them and granting access to the platform.


We have sold our first 100 Memberships. Please join our waiting list here. Our next drop will be soon.



The first and only app based TFL registered private hire operator that operates a fleet of vehicles synonymous with popular culture. All of the cars come with your own personal concierge/driver and the journey cost is calculated and fixed prior to commencement upon summoning. The cost of a journey starts at £35.


The platform is for members only and a membership has to be applied for and approved before being able to access the service. Once approved you will be sent a membership pack with your metal HYPR card.



HYPR was born from the heart, it’s logo is a heart, the very core of us as humans.


It’s what beats when we are excited, it’s what bleeds when we are sad. HYPR is a feeling, HYPR is a sensation, HYPR is a way of life.


You are the life blood that runs through the beating heart of HYPR, you are HYPR.LIFE.





HYPR.LIFE is the embodiment of all aspects of the brand. Underneath which we will manifest and develop more ideas, services and products for our members and adopters.


As well as being a hub for all of the activity, memories and content that we as a family share along the way.